Death Notification (When someone has died)


Until when to submit?

Within 7 days after you have heard of the persons decease

Place of registration

Place of death, address, temporary residence, permanent residence

Who can submit the notification?

The notification can be submitted by family members of the deceased.

The notification may also be submitted by someone living in the same household, the landlord, the apartment manager, as well as the head of a public institution. Furthermore, the notification may be submitted by a Guardian, custodian, limited guardian or unspecific guardian. If the notification is submitted by a guardian etc. a document proving the guardian as registered must be handed in within three months along with certified copy of the judgement.

What is needed to submit the notification?

  • The Post-mortem Certificate (Written by the physician issuing the death certificate. Can be received at the hospital)
  • Seal of the person submitting the notification

If the deceased person is a foreign national

Because the family registration law also applies to foreigners in Japan, in case of a foreigner dying in Japan the same procedures are necessecary. A Death Notification must be submitted to the administrative office of the municipality where the deceased is registered. The Residence Card of the deceased person has to be returned to the nearest Regional Immigration Bureau. Confirm with the embassy of the deceaced person's home country which additional procedures must be carried out.

If the bereaved is a foreign national

If the widower of a Japanese husband or wife holds a status of residence of "Spouse or child of Japanese national" the period of stay cannnot be extended. In case that person should wish to continue to live in Japan, he or she should consult the immigration bureau to switch visa status.


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