Birth Notification (When a child is born)


Until when to submit?

A birth notification must be filed with the local municipal administrative office within 14 days after birth (including the date of birth).

Place of registration

Permanent residency of the parents, child's place of birth, address of the applicant/temporary residence

Who can submit the notification?

The child's biological parents.

What is needed to submit the notification?

  • Birth Notification (You will receive it at the hospital after the Birth Certificate has been issued by the physician)
  • Maternity Log
  • National Health Insurance Card (In case you are a member of the Kobyashi-City Health Insurance)
  • Seal of the person submitting the notification

Where to submit?

City Hall
Citizen's Division
1秒t Floor


Hosono 300

Kobayashi-shi, Miyazaki-ken





When a child is born to non-Japanese parents

Regardless of its nationality, any child born in Japan is required to be registered by submitting a Birth Notification. When the child's nationality is other than Japanese and it is going to stay in Japan for a period longer than 60 days, the parents need to apply for a Permission to Aquire Residence Status within 30 days from the date of birth. If they fail to do so, the child will be removed from the resident registration system and thus not be able to receive health care or child allowance.

Please report the birth of your child to your home country as well. Enquire at your home country's embassy or consulate for detailed information.

Procedures when applying for the Permission to Acquire Residence Status

Necessary procedures differ based on status of residence the parents are holding.

If one or both parents hold the status of Special Permanent Resident

You can apply for the status of Special Permanent Resident within 60 days after birth at the Immigration Service Agency of Japan. Please inform the staff if you wish to conduct the application procedures at the same time as when submitting the Birth Notification.

If both parents are mid- to long term residents

The application to acquire residence status must be filed with the Immigration Office within 30 days after birth.

For further information be sure to check the homepage of the Immigration Service Agency of Japan.


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