Seal Registration: Notification and Verification


In situations such as when you want to borrow money or register real estate, the Seal Registration Certificate (card) proves that you possess a seal which has been officially registered.

Who can register a seal?

Anyone above 15 years of age who is a resident of Kobayashi city.

In case a proxy submits the application that person is asked to bring his or her personal seal as well as the Letter of Authorization (can be received at the service desk).

What is needed to submit the application?

  1. The seal that is to be registered
  2. Letter of Authorization in case a proxy does the application
  3. Driver's license or other photo-bearing identification papers

Things to be aware of

  1. Only one seal per person can be registered.
  2. Characters which can be registered:
    • In cases where the foreigner's name in the resident registration is written in kanji (Chinese characters):
      • Seal with surname and first name in kanji
      • Seal with the surname alone in kanji
      • Seal with the first name alone in kanji
    • In cases where the foreigner's name in the resident registration is written in the roman alphabet
      • Seal created with any of the names (surname, first name, middle name) in the roman alphabet
      • Surname and middle name 
      • First name and middlename
    • In the event that the name of an alias is registered 
      • Seals created using the alias name as used in the resident registration
    • *Seals cannot be registered with nicknames, initials etc.
    • *Some types of seals cannot be registered. Please inquire at the service desk
  3. If the application is submitted by a proxy, the procedure may take several days since the application has to be verified with the ordering party. In cases where the Registration Certificate is urgently needed, please take into account that it will take some time to verify the application with the ordering party and come ahead of time.

  4. Once the procedure is completed the Seal Registration Certificate will be handed over. Please take good care of it.

  5. In case your application is incomplete we may not be able to hand over the certificate on the day of the application. Please inquire in advance in order to avoid this from happening.



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