What does Kobayashi city do to promote internationalization


In order to contribute to an international community where everyone can live comfortably, the Kobayashi city carries two main courses of actions:

  • Promoting international mutual understanding
  • Implementing a multicultural society where people of different cultures and traditions can respect each other and live together

Promoting international understanding at a local level

Interacting with other cultures

 We are organizing events to learn about foreign cultures in order to improve our community and understand each other through the different languages and cultures. Through these events, we want to increase awareness towards internationalization and deepen mutual understanding.

A picture of the seated participants looking at the monitor in front of them

2018 Event entitled “What is life as a muslim person like?"

World Camp in Kobayashi

 The purpose of the World Camp event is to have middle school students from Kobayashi meet exchange students from University of Miyazaki and learn to communicate with them in English while doing outdoor activities.

A picture of women lining up in a farm with Chinese cabbage and other agricultural products
A group photo of campers standing side by side indoors

2018 Event entitled “World Camp in Kobayashi"

Culture exchange events with Germany

 In 2020, Kobayashi will be the host town for Germany for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. That is why we are holding events about German traditional festivals or culture as well as a drawing contest organised by the Embassy of Germany to further understand German culture.

A picture of children working on a desk and a foreign man standing behind them and teaching
A group photo of children who attended an event outside at night

2016 Event entitled “Martinstag"

Chat Salon

 People come to this event to have conversations in English with native speakers, and exchange about differences in cultures and languages.

A picture of participants at an event sitting around a table in a common room
A group picture of the participants of the event, including foreign women, standing side by side in front of the whiteboard

2017 Event entitled “Chat Salon"

Promoting a multicultural society

Nihongo Salon

 We also hold “Nihongo Salon" to further understanding between foreigners living in Kobayashi and the local population through talking about themes pertaining to daily life.

A picture of a man talking with something in his hand in the lounge and the participants of an event listening around him
A group picture of participants of the event, including women in kimono, standing side by side with smiles on their faces

2017 Event entitled “Nihongo Salon"

Intoroduction courses for Japanese exchange coordinators

 This is a class we hold to learn about how to interact with foreign people living in Kobayashi. A Japanese teacher explains how to make Japanese easier to understand and gives tools to use in future conversations.

Japanese exchange coordinators are people who participated in “Nihongo Salon" in 2017 and participated in the induction courses.

A picture of the participants sitting around a row of U-shaped desks and taking a class

2018 Event entitled “Induction courses for Japanese exchange coordinators"

Website homepage and social media

 In Kobayashi city, the Regional Revitalization Division staff can help with information about daily life problems, disaster prevention, medical information, translating and interpreting in English.
Furthermore, information is provided in English and Easy Japanese on the Kobayashi city homepage.

International relations

Please find further information here (Japanese only).


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