“A message from the mayor” on COVID-19 (May. 7th , 2023)


Concomitant with the handling of COVID-19 being transitioned to a new stage from May 7th, 2023 on, Mayor Miyabara has issued a message to the citizens of Kobayashi.

Click here to watch the Mayor’s message on YouTube (Japanese only)

My name is Yoshihisa Miyabara and I am the mayor of this city.

I want to thank you, the people of this city who have shown enduring support in heeding corona counter measures.

Furthermore, I want to thank our health care providers who carried out the administration of corona vaccinations on top of their regular duties.

I also want to express my sincerest compassion to all those who have suffered from the effects of COVID-19 and hope for a fast recovery in every way possible.

From May 8th, 2023 COVID-19 will be moved to “Group 5" of infectious diseases and henceforth be handled similarly to seasonal influenza.

However, as there are still COVID-19 cases being confirmed, the city will continue to devise counter measures and work towards their seamless implementation into social-economic activities.

Adopt healthy habits

With the moving of COVID-19 to “Group 5” counter measures will become a matter of personal choice. Nonetheless, we advise to continue to heed basic counter measures such as the ventilation of rooms, the “Three C’s”, washing your hands and a healthy lifestyle.

The city will continue to exert its utmost efforts to make Kobayashi a place where citizens can live happy, healthy lives, filled with laughter.

May 7th, 2023

Yoshihisa Miyabara, Mayor of Kobayashi


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